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Scabbard Research, Inc.
innovators of medical and dental products.

Scabbard Research is pleased to present three innovative products that will be valuable to the community of medical and dental professionals:

sofstopSof Stop - simple soft foam device for dental practitioners that enhances the effectiveness of the standard saliva ejector or HVE. It is a tip that fits over Saliva Ejectors and HVE's - preventing contaminated aerosols (spread by droplets from influenza, hepatitis & tuberculosis).

needle holder
Needle Scabbard (Holder)
- permits one to cap and uncap a syringe needle with one hand ... virtually eliminating accidental needle sticks.


B TrapButterfly Trap for butterfly infusion sets, retains the needle when pressed into the red Adhesive Rubbery Material, permitting disposal of the entire set without fear of accidental sticks.

"this is so obvious to me now - why didn't I think of that!"

A common reaction to inventions that prove to well-satisfy a need and provide great utility in helping practitioners to optimally provide their services.

Read testimonials as to how they have already been of great help to others.

innovators of medical and dental products
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